How long is a cycle?

A cycle is composed by 4096 blocks and lasts slightly less than 3 days.

What rewards should I expect?

  • bake: 16 / halving_factor TZL

  • endorse: 2 / halving_factor TZL

  • seed nonce revelation: 0.125 / halving_factor TZL

How is halving computed?

Halving factor depends on the halving period. Halving period is incremented each 256 cycles (~2 years). Halving factor is then computed as 2 ^ halving_period.

How do I find out when's my turn to bake?

Choose a block_number and call:<block_number>.

Where are my private keys?

Your keys are strored in: ~/.tzlibre-client-betanet.

How long does it take to bootstrap?

Depending on your connection and on chain length it can take anything between 30 minutes and a few hours.

What's minimum amount of TZL to bake?

1000 TZL

Are there any security deposits?

Yes, 1344 TZL per block and 84 TZL per endorsement.

But, from cycle 0 o 1 security deposits are 0TZL due preserved_cycles.

Then from cycle preserved_cycles + 1 = 4 to preserved_cycles + 1 + security_deposit_ramp_up_cycles = 134 it will be (1344+83*32)/128*(i-preserved_cycles) where i is the current cycle.

How can I be sure my baker is up and running?

Check logs of baker container:

docker logs -f tzlibre_baker

Check logs of baker endorser:

docker logs -f tzlibre_endorser

When I will bake/endorse next block?

You can use this endpoint to retrieve your next baking rights, renaming {YOUR_ADDRESS} with your baking address.,address,cycle,height,priority&address={YOUR_ADDRESS}

You'll receive something like this:

"endorsing", // type of baking rights
"tz1...", // baking address
6, // cycle
26105, // level
0 // priority