Proof Of Donation
Total genesis allocation for Presale, TDF and Blockchain Virus amounts to 308,804,813.69 TZL. During betanet this allocation is delegated to bakers who support development by donating XTZ.
TzLibre bakers can donate any amount of XTZ to a trustless KYC-Tezos smart contract designed to track XTZ donations and deployed at address KT1LGscYq8SwwbXXg1Z6ctDrHjMGnfEkjB8X on KYC-Tezos instantiation.
The amount of 308,804,813.69 TZL will be delegated to donors proportionally to their overall support over time (e.g., a baker who donated 10% of all XTZ raised by the smart contract over time, will have a 30.8M TZL delegation).
Every three cycles delegations will be updated according to new donations.


Here follows an example of how delegations are computed proportionally to donations.
Assuming that at a certain time a total of 8000 XTZ have already been donated and 300,000,000 TZL are still available to be delegated though PoD.
Alice, who never made a donation before, donates 2000 XTZ. She will receive a delegation of 60,000,000 TZL to her baker address. It corresponds to 20% of the total amount that can be delegated though PoD.
Now say that Bob makes a donation of 500 XTZ. The total donated amount is now 10,500 XTZ. The previous Alice donation of 2000 XTZ now represents 19.05% of the total donated amount. The amount of TZL delegated to Alice's baker will be updated accordingly to 57,150,000 TZL.
At this point Alice makes a further donation of 260 XTZ, resulting is a total donation by Alice of 2260 XTZ. She now is the donor of the 21% of total donations and the amount of TZL delegated to Alice's baker will be updated accordingly to 63,000,000 TZL.

How to interact with PoD contract

You can use tezos-client or you can use TzLibre PoD dashboard.

How to donate using tezos-client

tezos-client transfer {AMOUNT} from {FROM_ADDRESS} to KT1LGscYq8SwwbXXg1Z6ctDrHjMGnfEkjB8X --burn-cap 0.1 --arg 'Left (Pair "{ADDRESS_DONOR}" "{ADDRESS_DELEGATION_BENEFITER}")'
  • {FROM_ADDRESS}: address of transaction signer.
  • {ADDRESS_DONOR}: address of donor (most of time it coincides with FROM_ADDRESS)
  • {ADDRESS_DELEGATION_BENEFITER}: address of the one that will receive the delegate (most of time it coincides with FROM_ADDRESS)

How to change delegation benefiter using tezos-client

Execute a transaction with amount 0, rewriting the {ADDRESS_DELEGATION_BENEFITER} field.
tezos-client transfer 0.1 from {FROM_ADDRESS} to KT1LGscYq8SwwbXXg1Z6ctDrHjMGnfEkjB8X --burn-cap 0.1 --arg 'Left (Pair "{ADDRESS_DONOR}" "{ADDRESS_DELEGATION_BENEFITER}")'

PRO tip

If you don't want to sync a tezos-node, use this alias:
alias tezos-client="docker run -e TEZOS_CLIENT_UNSAFE_DISABLE_DISCLAIMER=Y -v ~/.tezos-client:/var/run/tezos/client -it tezos/tezos:mainnet tezos-client --tls --addr --port 443"

How to check my delegation share?

Go to and paste your address.
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